Client Agreement

  This agreement has been signed between resident of "Serbska Street 5/5 Lviv Oblast Ukraine" "ZES LLC Trading Ltd."

  I hereby declare that I am applying for my own account.

  I accept that I am entirely responsible for any liability that may arise from any misrepresentations made.

  I declare that I accept responsibility for ensuring the security of the account password, and will not share with any third parties.

  I am aware of the risks of leveraged transactions, and thus may lose some or all of my investment.

  I hereby accept that any financial losses which may be incurred as a result of transactions are solely my own responsibility, and that ZES LLC Trading Ltd. holds no responsibility or liability.

  I declare that all transactions carried out on the account will be made by myself as the actual beneficiary.

  I am solely responsible for any delays which may arise during the transfer process from the funding to my FX account to the company bank account.

  I accept ZES LLC Trading Ltd. has the right to unilaterally make changes such as spread, margin, leverage rates.

  As the actual beneficiary of the account, I have read the warnings and statements above, understand, accept and am aware of the risks I may face. In accordance with this declaration, I wish to open a forex account.