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SIRIX app are widely available, offering a solution tailored to each investor's profile, regardless of the underlying level of knowledge. It is an award-winning forex trading platform equipped with cutting-edge technology and capabilities to help you manage your investments safely and easily from the internet.

SIRIX Station Desktop

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What Are SIRIX Features?

Dozens of different graphic views
Easy intervention opportunity
Reliable and fast infrastructure
Easy to use interface design
More than 350 investment product options
Multiple device possibility
Instant price tracking opportunity
Easy to use and understandable content
Opportunity to process the desired lot size
Web Trader advantage

How to start trading with SIRIX Station Desktop?

What Is SIRIX Station Desktop?

It serves as a platform where various investment products designed by SIRIX Leverate software company can be traded. The most striking feature of the platform is that it does not force users thanks to its simple interface. Thanks to its easy-to-use facility, you can easily operate with one click. You can easily log in to the SIRIX platform and use all the features of the platform by using your account information in the crypto money exchange or forex brokerage houses. There are investment products on the left side of the platform, and graphic images of the products on the right. At the bottom of the screen, you can find your account balance information. In addition, the platform's ability to provide technical analysis is among the features that are useful to investors.

How To Use SIRIX Station Desktop?

Investors who want to trade in Forex or crypto money markets must first create an account at a brokerage firm. Afterwards, you can start trading by logging in via SIRIX using this account information to trade. Unlike other trading platforms, besides trading on SIRIX, technical analysis is possible. In addition to this feature, the ease of use of the platform, its multi-device capability and reliability make it possible for investors and companies to prefer SIRIX Station Desktop.

What Are The Remarkable Features Of SIRIX Station Desktop?

SIRIX Station Desktop is a platform that aims to enable investors to transact quickly and safely and is developed accordingly. SIRIX, which is among the most preferred platforms in the industry, stands out thanks to its advantages and features. Some of the most striking features are;

Having a reliable and fast infrastructure
Instant price tracking opportunity,
Easy-to-use interface
More than 350 investment products,
Preferred by many companies in the sector,
Easy buy-sell order,

Multiple Device Use

Thanks to SIRIX Station Desktop multi-device use, investors can log into the system using their SIRIX account information from any device, even if they are not with their own device. It is also possible to access the platform via a web browser without downloading the application. Thanks to this feature, many investors can follow their transactions without experiencing space and device problems. Thanks to the multi-device use, you can easily log in to the platform with your account information from your mobile phones or desktop computers.

Easy Tracking Of Investment Products

There are more than 350 investment products within the SIRIX Station Desktop platform. Thanks to this diversity, it is among the preferences of investors. You can search investment products by using the Search button in the application with an easy interface. You can easily find investment products on the platform and perform your trading transactions. After choosing your investment product, trading is carried out in the panel that opens. You can make profit or sell without loss by placing take profit and stop loss orders on the SIRIX trading platform. Thanks to the stop loss order, when the product you invest reaches the level you set, the transaction is closed and the possibility of loss is eliminated.

Graphic Variety In SIRIX Station Desktop

One of the advantages of SIRIX is the variety of graphics. You can change the timeline according to the type of graphic you choose and adjust it to suit you. This feature provides investors with the opportunity to customize. Investors who want to analyze can easily do their analysis by adding the indicator they want to the bottom of the charts. You can see all the indicators by using the graphic button in the upper right corner and add the graphic by clicking on the product you want to work with.

Pending Orders And Tracking

There is a Pending orders tab in the SIRIX Station Desktop platform. Open positions and closed positions are displayed on this tab. On this tab, you can see your order types and the status of your transactions and easily control your profit and loss. you can do cla. After you give the orders you set for your investment transactions, the system automatically executes the order when the time comes, thus eliminating the possibility of making a mistake.

SIRIX Station Desktop Safe Platform For Traders

SIRIX is the most preferred platform in the markets, with a solid infrastructure, easy interface, fast and safest platform. Many forex companies use SIRIX because of its security. This is an indication of how reliable the platform is. Investors who do not want to have problems with security can choose SIRIX with peace of mind, and it is possible to log in to the system using a web browser without downloading from SIRIX Station Desktop.