Forex is a market where the relative values of the currencies of the countries are traded as a spot. In the forex market, currencies are traded as well as precious metals, commodities, various stocks, other indices and many other products.

Although the forex market is a spot market, it has many characteristics of spot and futures markets. The fact that the market is open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, the presence of a market that is not manipulated by means of high liquidity and depth of penetration in every product, is one of the main characteristics of the forex market, providing opportunities for investors in both the two-way trading and the falling markets

The Forex market includes some advantages and differences when compared to the stock and futures markets.

Lowest cost
Lowest Cost

Low trading costs

Global access
Global access

Premier technology
Premier technology

Why should I choose forex trading to invest?

The forex market can respond to all these needs today when it is necessary to react quickly and instantly and develop global strategies in order to take advantage of the investment and return opportunities offered by the developing technologies of the economy and the financial world.

Forex trading, which can be traded for 5 days and 24 hours on weekdays, is one of the most popular financial markets for investors because it provides easy access to the market, offers up to 10 times the position of the deposit, is closed to manipulation.

In addition, low trading costs in the forex market, a variety of high orders that allow immediate investment to be directed, and managing all of this from a single platform are among the factors that make the market attractive.

The forex market, which eliminates the difficulties of physical investment, has always been a buyer and seller thanks to investors living in different geographic and time zones. In this way, the forex market can be invested in different investment instruments, both global and local investments can be realized.

What financial products can be invested in Forex?

In the forex market, there are many commodities that are the world's most popular such as gold, wheat, platinum, cotton, oil, as well as hundreds of financial instruments with different levels of risk and return, including stocks and stock indices, CFDs, and American Airlines, Apple, Coca-Cola, Google and Microsoft.

At the same time, Forex, the world's largest foreign exchange market, can be traded in exotic currencies, including major, minor currencies, along with popular currency pairs such as American Dollars, Euros, Swiss franc-sterling.

What are the advantages of investing in Forex Trading?

The forex market, where investors can trade for 5 days and 24 hours during the week, allows the investor to react instantly to opportunities and risks in the global markets without being stuck between certain trading hours. In the forex market where even the most remote corners of the world can be reached and traded online, investors can take advantage of their investment opportunities at home, at work, on holiday and on the road.

Unlike other markets, the two-way trading feature in the forex market allows investors to gain return on investment both when prices are falling and rising, thus allowing investors to steer their investments without waiting for the price to rise, as in the case of the one-way trading in the market. This is not the price drop or rise of the forex market, but the direction of the market is accurately estimated and this is due to the ability to open transactions in the direction of the market.