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The most innovative award winning platform is also available on mobile at your fingertips

Meet the next generation forex trading platform with the partnership of SIRIX and ZES Forex.

SIRIX app are widely available, offering a solution tailored to each investor's profile, regardless of the underlying level of knowledge. It is an award-winning forex trading platform equipped with cutting-edge technology and capabilities to help you manage your investments safely and easily from the internet.

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What Are SIRIX Mobile Features?

Dozens of different graphic views
Easy intervention opportunity
Reliable and fast infrastructure
Easy to use interface design
More than 350 investment product options
Multiple device possibility
Instant price tracking opportunity
Easy to use and understandable content
Opportunity to process the desired lot size
Web Trader advantage

Cell phones are among the most used technological devices in our daily life. Thanks to the developing technology, many transactions can be made on mobile devices, while forex investments can be made on mobile phones. You can connect to forex markets from your phone and easily perform your transactions via SIRIX Mobile. With your smart devices, you can enter the markets simultaneously with the forex SIRIX MobilTrader program and perform the transactions you want. You can make investment transactions and leave the markets profitably by using the SIRIX trading platform through the forex company that suits you.

How to use SIRIX Mobile?

SIRIX serves as a platform that is offered to investors by forex brokerage houses and enables trading in the markets. Compared to many similar platforms, SIRIX is quite simple to use. To use the SIRIX trading platform, you need to open an account with the forex company that offers SIRIX. Afterwards, you can make your investment transactions via SIRIX with this account information.

What Is SIRIX Mobile?

One of the most curious questions about SIRIX, the most popular trading platform lately, is what is SIRIX? is happening. Those who are wondering what SIRIX is, can find answers to all the questions in their minds in our article. SIRIX is a trading platform where you can make your investment transactions through forex investment companies with its advanced infrastructure, simple interface, easy-to-use and fast trading feature. SIRIX users can easily make investment transactions with one click thanks to its high-level security measures and fast transaction feature. Many well-established forex companies offer and offer SIRIX to their investors. As such, the recognition of SIRIX is increasing day by day.

When you use SIRIX on a desktop device, the financial products you will trade are located in the left corner of the screen, while on mobile devices it is in the markets tab.
Your account statement is located at the bottom of the screen in the desktop version, and at the top of the screen in mobile devices.
Thanks to SIRIX's multi-device support feature, which is among its most striking features, you can log in to the system on a desktop, tablet or smart phones via web browser without any downloading. All you have to do is enter your account number and password on the login page.
From iPhone phones; You can use SIRIX as a mobile application by moving the web Trader to the screen.
One of the different features in SIRIX is the lot size. In SIRIX, 1 lot equals 1 unit.
Another feature that provides convenience to the investors is the automatic transfer of the order type to the Buy and Sell button. Thanks to this feature, it provides the opportunity to reduce the risk of making mistakes to investors who do not have enough experience, while saving time for professional investors.

SIRIX Mobile Benefits

You can also easily use the SIRIX trading platform on your mobile devices. As long as you have an internet connection on all your devices with iOS, Android operating system and HTML5 support, you can operate via SIRIX. With SIRIX mobile, you can transact anytime anywhere with an internet connection. You can use all the features within the SIRIX mobile platform, so you can easily make the investment you want. Thanks to the ordering feature, you can open or close your position when you reach the return level you think. In this way, you can trade profitably without being harmed by the fluctuations in the markets. You do not need to do any download or installation to use the SIRIX mobile platform. You can log in to the system with your account information through the Forex company and benefit from its advantageous features as you wish.

Reasons For Choosing SIRIX Mobile?

SIRIX, which has been shining among the trading platforms recently, has many features that attract the attention of investors. Many forex companies around the world make their investors use the SIRIX trading platform. Some of the preferred features of the SIRIX trading platform are;

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface design, it offers practical use in a short time,
Having a high level of security and fast infrastructure,
Safe investment thanks to easy order entry,
More than 350 investment product variety,
Opportunity to determine lot size for the investor,
Instant market and price tracking,
Ease of trading many investment products at the same time with one click,
Opportunity to control wherever you want thanks to multi-device support,
Availability of all trading tools and indicators.

SIRIX Mobile Is Safe?

The SIRIX Mobile trading platform, which is very similar or even more advantageous in terms of content, has started to be preferred by investors worldwide, especially since the reliability of the Russian MetaTrader has been shaken as a result of the embargo. What's new in the SIRIX trading platform The number of users started to increase gradually as a result of many forex companies choosing as practitioners thanks to its features. Investors must first check whether the forex firm and the platform they use are reliable in order to hold on to the market and make a profit. Many forex companies around the world support SIRIX. SIRIX mobile offers convenience to investors thanks to its infrastructure, simple interface, ease of use, variety of investment products and especially multi-device support. Considering the comments from users, the success of SIRIX rises to a level that cannot be ignored. The fact that many forex companies around the world support SIRIX is the most obvious indicator of how reliable the trading platform is. Investors can safely trade on SIRIX Mobile, SIRIX TabletTrader and SIRIX WebTrader.